6 axis swiss turning lathe has reliable and practical features

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6 axis swiss turning lathe has reliable and practical features

6 axis swiss turning lathe adopts linear rolling guide, which is generally driven by an absolute servo motor. It has the characteristics of fast tool change and high precision. The CNC system has perfect functions, simple and simple operation, and can be equipped with an active feeder. Active production.

Swiss-type CNC lathes are suitable for slender shafts with large length-to-diameter specific forces. Generally, the tool arrangement of machine tools is a two-axis controlled turret. Simple layout, fast tool change and high reliability. Compared with similar machine tools, lathes can reduce the number of feedings compared with similar machine tools, thereby improving processing efficiency. Many parts with a length of 180-240mm can complete the full-length processing of the part at a time.

The Swiss-type CNC lathe is equipped with high-speed and fine synchronous guide bushings, which can complete a large number of fine machining of steel and stainless steel parts. This can achieve high-speed cutting of high-grade parts. Drilling and tapping.

This lathe is suitable for machining various types of high-precision, multi-batch, and complex-shaped complex turning and milling of shaft parts used in the aviation industry, automotive industry, communications industry, watch industry, home appliance industry, etc.

Swiss-type CNC lathes can be equipped with active feeding installation, active processing, and active material receiving, which can realize the full automatic production of a single machine tool, reduce labor costs and undesirable products in the production process, and can achieve a one-man multi-machine mode. Save labor costs.