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Automatic Cnc Lathe|Types of CNC lathes

Numerical control lathe refers to equipment operated by a computer system, which can be operated in accordance with the system program to process the workpiece into an accurate size. Compile the processing program through the specified instruction code and program format for the processing route, process parameters, movement path and displacement of the tool, and then count the program information to the control medium. When processing, input the program information from the control medium to the numerical control device to control the lathe to process the workpiece.
CNC lathe is a high-performance and high-precision automation equipment, equipped with a power turret or a multi-station turret, and has a wide range of processing performance. There are many types of CNC lathes, which can be classified according to different methods. The following will briefly introduce the classification methods of CNC lathes.
Automatic Cnc Lathe
Classification method of CNC lathe
The types of CNC lathes can be classified according to 4 methods, such as function, spindle orientation, number of tool holders, and type of workpiece.

According to the classification of functions, it can be divided into economical CNC lathes and turning machining centers. The classification of lathe spindle orientation can be divided into horizontal CNC lathe and vertical CNC lathe. The number of tool rests can be classified into single tool rest CNC lathes and double tool rest CNC lathes. The classification of workpiece types can be divided into top CNC lathes and chuck CNC lathes.
According to the classification of functions. Economical CNC lathe is a simple CNC lathe formed after transformation on the basis of ordinary lathe. This kind of lathe has targeted processing functions. The degree of automation and functions are relatively poor, but the cost is relatively low. It is suitable for rotating workpieces with low machining accuracy requirements. The turning machining center is equipped with a milling power head. In addition to general turning processing, it can also complete radial, axial, curved surface milling and drilling of the center line of the workpiece without the center line. It is a kind of processing function with relatively strong processing function. CNC lathe.

Classification according to the orientation of the lathe spindle. The main shaft of the horizontal CNC lathe is in the longitudinal position. When processing the workpiece, the workpiece is vertically fixed on the chuck, and is driven by the power load with the main shaft, so that the front and rear sub-spindles bear the weight. It can process a variety of workpieces such as shafts and discs, and is suitable for mass production. The main shaft of the vertical CNC lathe is in the horizontal position, and the table top is in the horizontal plane, so it is more convenient to clamp and correct the workpiece. It is used to process workpieces that are relatively large in weight and diameter, or difficult to install on a horizontal CNC lathe, and can also process workpieces with large radial dimensions and small axial dimensions, as well as large and heavy workpieces with complex shapes.

Classification according to the number of tool holders. Single tool post CNC lathe refers to a lathe equipped with various forms of single tool post, such as multi-station turret type automatic indexing tool post or four-station horizontal movement indexing tool post, etc. The double-tool post CNC lathe is a lathe with two tool posts, the main tool post and the auxiliary tool post. The two tool posts can process workpieces at the same time. The positioning is accurate, the response speed is relatively fast, and the production efficiency is relatively high.

Classification according to the type of workpiece. Chuck type CNC lathes generally do not have a tailstock, and are suitable for machining disc type workpieces. The clamping method of the workpiece is usually hydraulic or electric control. The chuck structure is more complicated and can be divided into two jaws, three jaws, and four jaws. , Six claws, etc., with non-quenched claws or adjustable claws. Top-type CNC lathe. This CNC lathe is equipped with a tailstock. The tailstock can be divided into ordinary tailstock and CNC tailstock. It is suitable for processing long shaft workpieces and disc workpieces with a small diameter.

Browse the above articles to find the types of CNC lathes, which can be classified according to the four methods of function, spindle orientation, number of tool holders, and workpiece type. These lathes have their own characteristics and advantages, such as horizontal CNC lathes and vertical lathes. For CNC lathes, their spindle orientations are completely different, and the range for processing workpieces is also different. In addition, the operation of the horizontal CNC lathe is more convenient than the vertical CNC lathe, but the load capacity of the vertical CNC lathe is better than that of the horizontal CNC lathe, and both have their own advantages.

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