CNC precision automatic lathe processing considerations

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CNC precision automatic lathe processing considerations

        CNC precision automatic lathe improves processing efficiency and creates more value. CNC precision automatic lathe emerged from the backward processing technology.

        CNC precision automatic lathe process is similar to ordinary lathe, but since lathe machining is one-time machining, continuous automatic machining can complete all turning operations, so you should pay attention to the following aspects.
        First, the CNC lathe processing reasonable selection of cutting amount:

        Cutting tools and cutting conditions are the three main factors for efficient metal cutting. These determine machining time, tool life and machining quality. A cost-effective processing method must be a reasonable choice of cutting conditions.

        The three elements of CNC lathe machining cutting conditions: cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut directly lead to tool damage. As the cutting speed increases, the tip temperature rises, resulting in mechanical, chemical, and thermal wear. Cutting speed is increased by 20% and tool life is reduced by 1/2.
                                      CNC precision automatic lathe
        Second, CNC precision automatic lathe processing feed conditions:

        The feed conditions are related to the wear of the rear of the tool in a small range. However, the feed rate is large, the cutting temperature rises, and the rear wear is large. It has less impact on the tool than the cutting speed. Although the depth of cut has no effect on the cutting speed and the feed rate, in the case of small depth cutting, the hardened layer is produced by the cutting material, which also affects the life of the tool.