Do you know the advantages of CNC turn mill lathe

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Do you know the advantages of CNC turn mill lathe

The CNC turn mill lathe has solved the complex, precise, small batch, and changeable parts processing problems. It is a flexible, high-performance automatic machine tool, especially for single-piece and small-batch parts that account for about 80% of the total machining volume. The processing shows its unique flexibility. In summary, the use of CNC turn mill lathe has the following advantages:

① Improve the processing accuracy, especially the consistency of the processing of the same batch of parts, so that the product quality is stable;

② Improve production efficiency, generally about 3-5 times of efficiency, using CNC machining center machine tools can increase productivity by 5-10 times;

③ It can process parts with complex shapes;

④ Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions;

⑤ Conducive to the development of production management and integrated automation of mechanical processing.