Features of precision turned parts

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Features of precision turned parts

Technical performance of precision turning parts:

   (1) Significantly improve the thermal melt loss resistance of alloy die-casting molds

   (2) Improve demoulding and corrosion resistance

   (3) Improve the thermal fatigue resistance of alloy die-casting molds

   (4) Significantly improve the service life of alloy die-casting molds.

   (5) The color is obvious, and the user can repaint in time according to the change of the coating color to protect the precious precision metal processing parts.

Finishing of precision turning parts. Since the five tools and two tail shafts of the machine tool can work at the same time during the machining process, this machine tool can process parts 4-6 times faster than CNC machine tools. Complicated parts can be processed simultaneously with external circle, spherical surface, conical surface, arc surface, step, grooving, drilling, tapping, die, embossing, cutting, etc. All processing procedures can be completed at one time, with extremely high processing accuracy. No manual operation is required, and the automatic feeding is fully automated, and one person can watch multiple sets.
Precision turned parts