G01 Linear interpolation

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G01 Linear interpolation

Linear interpolation G01

By specifying the value of the feed "F" to instruct the moving speed of liner axis feed axis

Instruction format:

X axis linear interpolationG01 X(U)    F  

Z axis linear interpolationG01 Z(W)    F  

    X, Z axis and linear interpolationG01 X(U)    Z(W)    F  

 For example

  1Absolute instruction

  N0 G00 X50.0 Z5.0 (current location

  N1 G00 X12.0 Z1.0 (G0 quick positioning

  N2 G01 Z-10.0 F   ;(G01 Z axis linear interpolation

  N3 G01 X20.0 Z-14.0 F   ;(G01 XZ

    Simultaneous linear interpolation

  2Increment instruction

  N0 G00 X50.0 Z5.0 ;(current location

  N1 G00 U-38.0 W-4.0

  N2 G01 W-11.0 F   

  N3 G01 U8.0 W-4.0 F