How to eliminate the oscillation caused by automatic cnc lathe machine

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How to eliminate the oscillation caused by automatic cnc lathe machine

Generally, there are many reasons for automatic cnc lathe machine to oscillate. In addition to mechanical factors such as inevitable transmission clearance, elastic deformation and friction resistance, the influence of relevant parameters of the servo system is also an important factor.

The proportional calculus is a multi-function controller, which can not only effectively proportionally gain the current and voltage signals, but also adjust the lag of the output signal to lead. Oscillation failures sometimes occur due to the lag of the output current and voltage to lead. At this time, the output current and voltage phase can be adjusted by PID.
automatic cnc lathe machine
2. Oscillation caused by closed-loop servo system

Some automatic cnc lathe machine CNC servo systems use generally semi-closed-loop devices, while the full-closed-loop servo system must adjust its parameters on the premise that its local semi-closed-loop system does not oscillate, so the two are similar.

3. Using high frequency suppression function

The above discussion is about the parameter optimization method for low-frequency oscillation, and sometimes the CNC system will generate high-frequency harmonics in the feedback signal due to some mechanical oscillations, which will make the output torque not constant and thus generate vibration. For this kind of high-frequency oscillation, a first-order low-pass filter can be added to the speed loop, which is a torque filter.