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Introduction to ten major systems of CNC machine tools | sowin swiss lathe

1. Japan FANUC CNC system

 Japan's FANUC (FANUC) is the world's most powerful company in the research, design, manufacturing, and sales of CNC systems, with a total of 4549 people (as of September 2005) and 1,500 research and design personnel.

  (1) The highly reliable PowerMate 0 series is used to control 2-axis small lathes, replacing the servo system of the stepping motor; it can be equipped with a CRT/MDI with clear screen, convenient operation and Chinese display, and it can also be equipped with a high performance/price ratio. DPL/MDI.

(2) The popular CNC 0-D series 0-TD is used for lathes, 0-MD is used for milling machines and small machining centers, 0-GCD is used for cylindrical grinders, 0-GSD is used for surface grinders, and 0-PD is used for punching machines. .

(3) Full-featured 0-C series 0-TC is used for general lathes and automatic lathes, 0-MC is used for milling machines, drilling machines, and machining centers, 0-GCC is used for internal and external grinders, and 0-GSC is used for Surface grinder, 0-TTC is used for 4-axis lathe with double tool post.

   (4) High performance/price ratio 0i series overall software function package, high-speed, high-precision processing, and network function. 0i-MB/MA is used for machining center and milling machine, 4 axis 4 linkage; 0i-TB/TA is used for lathe, 4 axis 2 linkage; 0i-mateMA is used for milling machine, 3 axis 3 linkage; 0i-mateTA is used for lathe, 2 axis 2 linkage.

   (5) The ultra-small and ultra-thin CNC 16i/18i/21i series control unit with network function is integrated with LCD, with network function and ultra-high-speed serial data communication. Among them, the interpolation, position detection and servo control of FSl6i-MB are based on nanometers. 16i can control up to 8 axes and 6 axis linkage; 18i can control up to 6 axes and 4 axis linkage; 21i can control up to 4 axes and 4 axis linkage.

   In addition, there is also CNCL6/18/160/180 series that realizes the customization of machine tools.

2. German Siemens CNC system

  Siemens is a global leader in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Its main business is concentrated in the four major business areas of industry, energy, medical care, infrastructure and cities. For 140 years, Siemens has unremittingly carried out comprehensive cooperation with China for its innovative technologies, excellent solutions and products, and has been widely recognized for its continuous innovation, outstanding quality and trustworthy reliability. In the 2011 fiscal year (October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011), Siemens' total revenue in China reached 6.39 billion euros (excluding Osram and Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group). Today, Siemens has approximately 30,000 employees in China, has established 16 R&D centers, 65 operating companies and 65 regional offices.

   SIEMENS company's numerical control device adopts modular structure design, which is economical. It is equipped with a variety of software on a standard hardware, so that it has a variety of process types, meets the needs of various machine tools, and becomes a series of products. With the development of microelectronics technology, more and more large-scale integrated circuits (LSI), surface mount devices (SMC) and application of advanced processing technology are used, so the new system structure is more compact, performance is stronger, and the price is lower. . It adopts SIMATICS series programmable controller or integrated programmable controller, uses SYEP programming language, has rich man-machine dialogue function, has multi-language display.

   SIEMENS company CNC devices mainly include SINUMERIK3/8/810/820/850/880/805/802/840 series.

3. Mitsubishi CNC system

   Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) has invested a total of 20 million US dollars. Mainly produce mechanical appliances for power distribution (including low-voltage circuit breakers, electromagnetic switches), electrical processing products (including CNC EDM machines, wire-cut electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines), frequency converters, servo system machines, Sales of self-produced products and relevant after-sales service for CNC devices and their parts and components.

  Mitsubishi CNC systems commonly used in industry are: M700V series; M70V series; M70 series; M60S series; E68 series; E60 series; C6 series; C64 series; C70 series. Among them, the M700V series is a high-end product with a complete nanometer control system, high-precision and high-grade processing, and supports 5-axis linkage, which can process workpieces with complex surface shapes.

4. German Heidenhain CNC system

   HEIDENHAIN develops and produces grating rulers, angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital display devices and numerical control systems. HEIDENHAIN’s products are widely used in machine tools, automated machines, especially in the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing industries.

  Heidenhain's iTNC 530 control system is a general-purpose control system suitable for milling machines, machining centers, or machining processes that require optimized tool path control. It is a high-end CNC system. The data processing time of this system is 8 times faster than that of the previous TNC series products. The "Fast Ethernet" communication interface is equipped to transmit program data at a rate of 100Mbit/s, which is 10 times faster than before. The new program editor has a large Program editing capabilities, you can quickly insert and edit information program segments.

5. German Rexroth CNC system

   Rexroth (Bosch Rexroth) is a merger of the former Bosch Automation Technology Department and the former Rexroth Company in 2001, and is wholly owned by the Bosch Group. Bosch Rexroth is a world-renowned transmission and control company. It is a world leader in industrial hydraulics, electronic power and control, linear transmission and assembly technology, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission services, and even mobile machinery hydraulics. The company's registered headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, while the operating headquarters and head office of the board of directors are located in Lohr, Germany. In 2003, the company had sales of 4 billion Euros and the number of employees was 25,000.

6. French NUM CNC system

The world's leading automation system manufacturer---Schneider Automation is one of the largest automation equipment suppliers in the world today, specializing in the development and research of CNC numerical control systems. NUM is a famous French international company specializing in CNC numerical control The development and research of the system is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and the second largest supplier of CNC systems in Europe. The main products are: NUM1020/1040, NUM1020M, NUM1020T, NUM1040M, NUM1040T, NUM1060, NUM1050, NUM drive and motor.

7. Spain FAGOR CNC system

  FAGOR AUTOMATION is a world-renowned professional manufacturer of CNC system (CNC), digital display (DRO) and grating measurement system. Fagor is part of the Mondragon Group of Spain and was established in 1972. Fagor focuses on the development of machine tool automation. Its products cover CNC systems, servo drives/motors/spindle systems, gratings, rotary encoders and High-resolution and high-precision angle encoders, digital meters and other products.

8. Japan MAZAK CNC system

Yamazaki Mazak was established in 1919, mainly producing CNC lathes, composite turning and milling machining centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC laser systems, FMS flexible production systems, CAD/CAM systems, CNC devices and production support Software etc.

  Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC system uses CNC and PC fusion technology for the first time in the world, and realizes the networked and intelligent functions of CNC system. When the CNC system is directly connected to the Internet, you can receive the 24-hour online maintenance service provided by Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

9. Huazhong CNC

Huazhong Numerical Control's numerical control device with independent intellectual property rights has formed a series of products of high, medium and low grades, and developed the Huazhong 8 series of high-end numerical control system new products. There are dozens of sets and high-end numerical control listed in the national major special projects. Machine tool supporting applications; the performance indicators of the servo drive and spindle drive with independent intellectual property rights have reached the international advanced level.

The HNC-848 numerical control device is a full-digital bus type high-end numerical control device, aimed at foreign high-end numerical control systems, adopts a dual-CPU module upper and lower computer structure, modular and open architecture, based on NCUC industrial fieldbus technology with independent intellectual property rights . It has the functions of high-end CNC system such as multi-channel control technology, five-axis machining, high-speed and high-precision, turning and milling, and synchronous control. It uses 15" LCD screen. It is mainly used in high-speed, high-precision, multi-axis, multi-channel vertical , Horizontal machining center, turning and milling compound, 5-axis gantry machine tool, etc.

10. Guangzhou CNC

   One of the 20 key equipment manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, and the undertaking enterprise of the national 863 key project "Supporting Technology for Mid-range Numerical Control System Industrialization". The main business includes: numerical control system, servo drive, servo motor R&D and production, chain marketing of numerical control machine tools, numerical control engineering of machine tools, industrial robots, research and development of precision numerical control injection molding machines, etc.

  Guangzhou CNC has CNC systems in many fields, such as lathe CNC systems, drilling and milling machine CNC systems, machining center CNC systems, grinder CNC systems and so on. Among them, the GSK27 system uses multi-processors to achieve nm-level control; humanized human-computer interaction interface, configurable menus, and ergonomic design, which is more in line with the processing habits of operators; using an open software platform, it can easily interact with third-party software Connection; high-performance hardware supports up to 8 channels, 64-axis control.
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