Introduction to the types of optical instruments

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Introduction to the types of optical instruments

Do you know what kind of optical instruments are there? Here are some common optical instruments.

The imager is also known as the image measuring instrument and the image-type precision surveying and mapping instrument. It is a qualitative leap based on the measurement of the projector. It improves the industrial measurement method from the traditional optical projection alignment to the computer screen measurement based on the era of digital imaging.

The three-coordinate measuring machine is generally referred to as the three-coordinate measuring machine. It refers to an instrument that can express the measurement capabilities of geometric shape, length and circle division within the space of a hexahedron. It is also called a three-coordinate measuring machine or a three-coordinate measuring machine. bed.

Tool microscope, also known as tool manufacturing microscope, is a high-precision two-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument used in tool manufacturing. It uses optical principles to project the image of the workpiece through the objective lens to the eyepiece, that is, to magnify the workpiece into a virtual image by light, and then use the aid of the mounting table and eyepiece wire to measure the size, angle, and shape.

The optical image projector is a high-tech product that perfectly combines the touch screen and image measurement technology. Compared with the traditional projection instrument, all the human-computer interaction windows of the instrument are basically realized on the touch screen. The entire function button is rich in humanized design, which makes the entire machine easy to operate and practical.