principle of precision CNC machine tools

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principle of precision CNC machine tools

In recent years, the rapid development of heavy industry has increased the demand for precision CNC machine tools. The form of a machining center comes in a variety of ways. Do you know the work of CNC machine tools?

NC machine tools are generally composed of processing program carriers, CNC devices, servo systems, and auxiliary equipment such as machine tools. Among them, the processing program carrier is generally used to complete the operation automation without manual operation.

NC device is the core component of NC machine tools, including three basic modules of input, processing and output, which can generally be implemented in the form of software for computer numerical control systems. Numerical control function, the general servo system is mainly used to receive the instructions issued by the numerical control device, which can be converted into the linear displacement of the machine tool, or the angular displacement motion through power amplification and shaping. The body is the main body of the index-controlled machine tool, which completes various cutting operations.

The CNC system performs data processing on the input processing program, so that it can output a variety of information and instructions, and also control the various parts of the machine tool to operate in an orderly manner. The operation of the CNC machine is in the process of constant calculation, output and feedback, which ensures the accuracy of the relative position between the tool and the workpiece