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About Star Micronics -Three Founding Spirit-

Star Micronics has started the business of precision component processing based on the following three spirit in 1950.

1. Generate the greatest impract from the least materials

In Japan with scarce resources, they have taken the strategy independent on resources, aiming at "business of generating the greatest impact from the least materials."

2. Realize low transporation costs

Aiming at business development for large cities in Japan as a manufacture in a provincial capital of Shizuoka. They have focused on the business, which does not require much transportation cost.

3. Use minium labor

During the confusion after the war, the labor-dependent business with many workers has been risky. The business, which requires as less workers as possible, was requested.


Now, more than half a century has past since the beginning of our business, and social environment has drastically changed from the times of the foundation.

Furthermore, international competitiveness is required due to globalization in the business world as well, therefore provision of high-value added products is requested.

STAR company has been founded based on the three spirit, which did not fade away in these changing environment. As a technical group, centering on small-sized precision processing and assembly as a core, they are always producing high-value added products and developing to the company, which deploys business to the world, now.

Technology -Catching the Needs with Small-sized Precision Processing Technology and Electronics Technology-


SINCE1950 Precision Products

Started business based on the three founding spirit. Established the position as a manufacturer specializing in precision comportment processing through the mass-production of wristwatch components.

Besides wristwatch components, now they extended to the cutting-edge precision component processing fields such as medical equipment components and automotive equipment components.


SINCE1958 Machine Tools

Launched into machine tools market with component processing machines, which had been manufactured and used in-house for precision component processing. They have continued to generate machines with a user's viewpoint, taking advantage of their own user experiences.

Always made challenges to the cutting-edge technology such as the development of motion control technology, which is their original optimal control technology. They are proud of their high market share on Swiss Type Automatic Lathe suited for precision component processing with high accuracy.



SINCE1970 Special Products

Developed new business field by fusing conventional precision processing technology and cutting-edge electronics technology. For special products business, which started with the development of portable printers mounted in calculators, now main products are printers used for POS systems.

Star as one of the excellent  Swiss  type lathe manufacturer in the world, they have many advantages need us to learn.