Talking about the maintenance of Automatic Cnc Lathe

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Talking about the maintenance of Automatic Cnc Lathe

The development of science and technology has put forward high-precision and high-complexity requirements for mechanical products, and the upgrading of products is also accelerating. This not only puts forward the requirements for precision and efficiency, but also puts forward the versatility and flexibility of machine tools. Sexual requirements. The Automatic Cnc Lathe is a new type of automatic machine tool produced in response to this requirement. The Automatic Cnc Lathe integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, servo drive technology, and precision machinery technology. It is a typical product of highly mechatronics. It embodies the mainstream of the current world machine tool technology progress and is a measure of the level of mechanical manufacturing technology. The important indicators of, play an important basic core role in advanced manufacturing technologies such as flexible production and computer integrated manufacturing. Therefore, how to better maintain Automatic Cnc Lathe is extremely important.

Automatic Cnc Lathe

Daily maintenance

1 Use pure water for cooling water, and add antifreeze when the ambient temperature is lower than 10℃;

2X, Y axis guide rail cleaning.

3 Clean the ball screws and the positioning pins and holes of the turret;

4 The removal of residual waste on the lower turret, as shown in Figure 2;

5 Please use compressed air to clean the automatic mold turning mechanism;

6 Clean the workbench;

7 Clear the waste in the waste bin;

8 Before starting the machine, the operator must remove the tools, parts or other sundries on the moving parts;

9 The board should be leveled, and the unevenness of the board should be less than 5mm. Processing hot-rolled steel plates must be leveled in advance, processing uneven or rusty and oxidized steel plates will have a great impact on the life of the machine and die, so use less.

Only by insisting on the daily maintenance of automatic CNC lathes can we prolong the service life of components, prolong the wear cycle of mechanical parts, prevent accidental accidents, and strive for long-term stable operation of automatic CNC lathes, so that they can give full play to The processing advantages of automatic CNC lathes achieve the technical performance of CNC lathes and ensure that the CNC machine tools can work normally.