What are the characteristics of the mechanical structure of Automatic Cnc Lathe

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What are the characteristics of the mechanical structure of Automatic Cnc Lathe

Automatic Cnc Lathe are generally composed of input and output devices, numerical control devices, programmable controllers, servo systems, detection feedback devices, and machine tool hosts.

1. Input and output device The input device can transmit different processing information to the computer. In the early days of Automatic Cnc Lathe, the input device was perforated paper tape, which has now become obsolete; at present, the use of keyboards and disks has greatly facilitated the work of information input. Output refers to the output of internal working parameters. Generally, these parameters need to be output for record keeping when the machine is working. After working for a period of time, compare and contrast the output with the original data to help determine whether the machine is working normally.

2. Numerical control device Numerical control device is the core and leading of the Automatic Cnc Lathe. It completes the processing and calculation of all processing data, and finally realizes the command work of each function of the Automatic Cnc Lathe. It contains microcomputer circuits, various interface circuits, CRT monitors and other hardware and corresponding software.

3. The programmable controller is PLC, which controls the spindle unit, processes the speed command in the program to control the spindle speed; manages the tool magazine, carries out automatic tool exchange, tool selection mode, cumulative tool usage times, and remaining tool life And management of tool sharpening times, etc.; control spindle forward and reverse rotation and stop, exact stop, cutting fluid switch, chuck clamping release, robot fetching and feeding tools, etc.; also control the external switch of the machine tool; control the output signal control.