What is the use of chip breaker?

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What is the use of chip breaker?

What is the use of chip breaker?  
The function of a chip breaker is to improve chip control and to reduce cutting resistance.

 A better balance between the two will increase the machining performance. What is the effect of chip breakers on the occurrence of issues with workpiece dimensions and damage?

This is a machining image with a chip breaker designed for the purpose of dividing chips. You can see that the chips are broken on the uneven design of the rake surface.
Therefore, it is possible to prevent chips tangling on the workpiece and holder, and ensuring stable machining.  However, there is one problem. By guiding the chip over the uneven rake surface near the cutting edge, it is forcibly twisted and divided.  Inevitably, the cutting resistance increases and the load on the workpiece increases.  As a result, it may cause workpiece damage or dimensional issues.  
In the case of workpieces with large diameters and machining with low cutting conditions, a chip breaker that breaks the chip may be more suitable.

More detail, please see this Youtube video:https://youtube.com/shorts/PnsMnTYDK-M?feature=share