Brief Description of Model SZ-387F :

  1. Origin: Shenzhen, China
  2. Certification: CE
  3. Max Machining bar diameter: Φ38mm
  4. Dual spindles  
  5. Main spindle: HAOZHI (China)
  6. FANUC 0i-TF Plus system (Japan)
  7. Accuracy: 0.01mm (Depend on the workpieces) 
  8. Electrical components: Schneider  
  9. X1 travel:110mm, X2 travel:325mm,Y1 travel:500mm,Y2 travel:145mm, Z1 travel:320mmZ2 travel:360mm
  10.  Suit for solving of Complicated, High-precision and Mini Parts
  11. High Efficient and Diversified Machining, Compound Machining: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Tapping
  12. Modular Tools Layout, Multi-axis Combined Operation; Stable, High-speed, Highly-efficient, Easy Operation

SZ-387F CNC Swiss type automatic lathe Technical specifications
NC device FANUC 0i-TF Plus
Power source 200VAC
Lathe rated power Kw 20
Machining range Machining range dia. mm Φ38
Main spindle max clamping dia. mm Φ38
Max feed length (once) mm Max 320
Main/sub spindle Main spindle power Kw 5.5/7.5
Sub spindle power Kw 3.7/5.5
Main spindle max through hole dia. mm Max Φ39
C axis resolution ° C1/C2 0.001°
Main/sub spindle rev speed rpm Max 6000
Sub spindle max clamping dia. mm Max Φ38
Sub spindle max through hole dia. mm Max Φ39
Main spindle max travel With guide bush mm 320
Non guide bush mm 80
Max tool installed qty. pcs 35
OD Turning tool Qty.×Model 4×16+1×20
Cross live tool Qty.×Model 5×ER16
Drilling dia. mm Max Φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia. Max M8
Live tool rev speed rpm Max 4500
Live tool power Kw 1.2

End-face tool
(Main spindle)
Fixed Qty.×Model 4×ER16
Drilling dia. mm Max Φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia. Max M8
End face  tool
B axis
(Main spindle)
Live tool Qty.×Model Front4×ER16
Drilling dia. mm φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia. M6
Live tool rev speed rpm Max 5000
Live tool power Kw 1.0
Rotation angle ° 0°~150°
Rotation accuracy(Arcsecond) 0.1
Back end-face tool
(Sub spindle)
Fixed Qty.×Model 4×ER16
Drilling dia. mm Max φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia. Max M8
Live Back end face tool Qty.×Model 4×ER16
Back end face cross live tool Qty.×Model 4×ER16
Drilling dia. Max Φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia. Max M8
Live tool rev speed Max 4500
Live tool power 1.2
OD Turning tool 4×12
Rapid feed speed m/min 24(Z1/Z2/X2/X1/Y1/Y2)
Feed motor power Kw 1.2(Z1/Z2/X1/X2/Y1/Y2)
X,Y,Z Positioning accuracy mm  0.005
X,Y,Z Repeatability mm 0.005
Cutting oil pump power Kw 0.4
Main/sub spindle cooling oil pump power Kw 1.2
Lubricating oil pump power Kw 0.25
Max collecting length of workpieces collect box mm 80
Main/sub spindle center to the bottom of lathe body mm 1100
Cutting oil tank volume L 190
Air source pressure Mpa 0.5
Net weight Kg 5000
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 2850×1600×2060
Japan FANUC 0i-TF Plus control system
10.4 inch Color LCD display
Main/sub spindle cooling system
Lubricating system
Rotatory guide bush
Main/sub spindle air blowing device
LED working light
Electric leakage protection
External light connector
3-color tower light
HIWIN/PMI screw/guide rail, Class 3
Cutting oil tank
Main/sub spindle collet 3 pcs; guide bush 3 pcs
Tool cabinet
Automatic bar feeder Chip conveyor-Chain type 
Automatic bar feeder
Automatically feed, when a bar material is used up, the new bar can be automatically replace d 
Chip conveyorChain type
High conveying efficiency and large selection range of conveying speed.The structure of the chain plate is a new type of articulated multi-spherical chain plate. Small and light chips are not easily attached to the chain plate.
Oil mist collector  High pressure pump 
Oil mist collector
To collect the oil mist that produced in the processing area, usually accompany with a high-pressure pump
High pressure pump
Its used to extremely difficult workpiece processing, such as aluminum, red copper, stainless steel, ect. To improve the cooling effect and change processing chip shape. High pressure pump can be selected according to the actual requirement; usually it has 100 and 150 bar.
Workpiece belt conveyor  Cut-off tool breakage detector 
Workpiece belt conveyor
The finished workpiece can be transmitted from this belt conveyor
Cut-off tool breakage detector
The cut-off tool breakage can be detected when it breaks accidentally