How to maintain CNC automatic lathes

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How to maintain CNC automatic lathes

The spot check of CNC automatic lathe is the basis for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, which mainly includes the following contents:

① Fixed point. First of all, it is necessary to determine how many maintenance points a CNC machine tool has, scientifically analyze the equipment, and identify the parts that may fail. As long as these maintenance points are "watched", faults will be found in time.

② Calibration. For each maintenance point of the boat, it is necessary to formulate standards one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, tightness, etc., there must be clear quantitative standards, as long as the specified standards are not exceeded, it is not a failure.

③ Regularly. How often to check, to set the check cycle. Some points may need to be checked several times in the boat class, and some points may be checked once or once a month, which should be determined according to the specific situation.

④ fixed items. What items are checked at each maintenance point should also be clearly defined. The boat point may check one item, and may also check the child item.

⑤ Set people. Who will carry out the inspection, whether it is the operator, maintenance personnel or technical personnel, should be implemented according to the inspection parts of the CNC machine tool and the technical accuracy requirements.

⑥ fixed law. There are also regulations on how to check, whether it is manual observation or instrument measurement, and whether to use ordinary instruments or precision instruments.

⑦Check. The environment and steps of the inspection should be specified, whether the inspection should be performed during production operation or shut down, and whether it should be disassembled or not.

⑧ Record. The inspection should be recorded in detail and filled in clearly in the prescribed format. The inspection data and the difference between it and the prescribed standard, the judgment impression, and the handling opinion should be filled in. The inspector should sign and indicate the inspection time.