The current development status of my country's precision CNC machine tools

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The current development status of my country's precision CNC machine tools

Since the 1960s, after decades of rapid development, the scale of the industry and the level of technology have been greatly improved, but similar to enterprises, the overall attractiveness is also good. Since the reform and opening up, the national economy has developed rapidly, and various industries have a great demand for manufacturing equipment, which has promoted the development of the precision CNC machine tools.

precision CNC machine tools

Comparison of market-oriented manufacturing technology, industry market-oriented technology, and market competition in the precision machining machine tool industry. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the precision CNC machine tools, the application fields of its raw materials are also expanding. The application fields of the existing precision machine tool equipment industry involve traditional machinery industry, automobile industry, power equipment, railway locomotive, shipbuilding, defense industry, aviation industry, petroleum, engineering machinery, electronic information technology industry, processing industry and other industries. The market industry and the chemical industry are mainly affected by the aerospace consumer electronics, LED products, solar photovoltaic equipment, aerospace equipment, and integrated circuit industries.

Synopsys analysts said that with the continuous advancement of industrial restructuring, new industries continue to emerge, new industries continue to emerge, the demand for materials continues to increase, the demand for accessories continues to increase, and edge wrinkles are becoming more and more important to the industry. Precision machine tools such as machines have higher and higher requirements for quality and functions, which directly increase the demand for high-end products such as wire cutting machines, grinding and polishing machines, and the use of such high-end precision product processing equipment in the entire industry. Processing machine.